Sean A. McAlister: Streamlining Operations

December 23, 2015
Sean A. McAlister has been serving in the role of Vice President of Digital with Victory Media since March of 2015. He took the job as soon as it became available to him because he knew what a wonderful opportunity it was for him. Victory Media is a company that works with global brands all the time and has set the standard in their industry. McAlister has brought great enthusiasm to the work and is well positioned to help push Victory Media even further.

In his role as Vice President of Digital with Victory Media, Sean A. McAlister has already helped to streamline the company's operations. This has enabled them to transform their digital operations into a more productive system while cutting out the waste. It is Sean A. McAlister's hope that he can position Victory Media to be ready for accelerated growth in the coming months and years—this is the path to greater success that he sees. That means the infrastructure that exists at Victory Media now, especially in the digital marketing and media departments, need to be able to sustain growth over time. McAlister's wealth of experience with the digital field will enable him to enact these changes and ensure the company is prepared for what is coming.